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Reproduction of a 2 dimensional piece of art is essentially a two step process: digitally capturing the art and printing on the selected media.


Both steps are vital to making an accurate, quality reproduction, however, the capture stage is arguably the more technically challenging of the two. Larger pieces are photographed with a digital view camera using a Schneider or Rodenstock large format digital lens. The system can generate images up to about 16,000 by 15,000 pixels, which are well over 1 Gigabyte in file size. However, images are generally captured at either 300ppi or 360ppi, so the file size is proportional to the physical size of the artwork. Quality reproductions usually require much more detail than can be captured by a conventional digital camera. Accurate color capture is accomplished by creating custom input ICC profiles, specific to the camera, lens, lighting setup, etc. Other steps include ensuring parallelism of the camera, lens and artwork, correcting for falloff, correcting for reflective surfaces while maintaining texture, etc. Attention to these details allows for the creation of an accurate, detailed digital representation of your artwork. Smaller flat items can also be scanned on one of our professional flatbed scanners, which are capable of very high resolution for highly detailed items.





Giclee Printing


Once we have a quality digital file we can begin the printing process. Giclee printing is done on our 11 pigment large format printer, capable of printing up to 44 inches wide and nearly unlimited length. We can print on canvas, fine art papers, both glossy and matte as well as more standard photographic papers. We print primarily on archival papers from Ilford and Hahnemuhle and canvas from Premier Imaging. Color accuracy is maintained by creating custom ICC profiles for our media/printer by scanning thousands of spot colors with a spectrophotometer. These ICC profiles can be emailed on request for the more technically minded artists working on calibrated systems in controlled lighting environments for soft-proofing purposes.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding any aspect of this process.


Papers we usually have in stock include:

  • Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm
  • Hahnemuhle William Turner 310gsm
  • Premier Imaging Satin Canvas 350gsm


If you do not see a paper that would work for your project please call us, in many cases we would be willing to special order media for your needs.




Photographic capture cost for larger items or when color accuracy is of great importance is generally $50.00 per item. Digital images will be burned to CD or DVD and include several version of the file (16bit master tiff, full resolution jpeg, and low resolution jpeg for emailing or web display).


For smaller items for which color accuracy is not critical, or for items that can be scanned in sections and then stitched the cost is generally $1.95 and up, call or stop by for a quote.


Giclee printing on fine art papers is $15.00 per square foot, with the exception of Ilford Smooth Pearl which is $12.00 per square foot with minimum cost of $19.95 per print. For cost of stretched canvas, please see this page.




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