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Film processing is still alive and well in Burlington, Vermont. We are one of the last places that still processes film in house, which means you get your film back in two days rather than two weeks. You will always get your negatives back, and we can print your photos or burn them to a CD.


We can develop your disposable cameras, underwater cameras, film from old school SLRs, and any rolls of film you may have found rolling around in a drawer or box. The best part is you only get charged for the pictures that turn out, so if the entire roll is a dud you pay nothing!


We develop both color and black and white 35mm and 120 film.


We also offer negative scanning so you can finally view those images on your computer. See below for more info.


Film Processing


  • Color film will be ready in 2 days at 4pm

  • B&W film will be ready the next Mon or Thur at 4pm 
  • Matte or glossy finish and white borders are available for prints



Develop and ...

Get 4x6 Prints

$3.47/per roll + .32/print

Get 4x6 Prints - Doubles

$3.47/per roll + .40/print

Get 4x6 Prints & CD

$3.47/per roll + .40/print

Get CD Only


Develop Only (get only the negatives)




Scanning Negatives to CD


  • Standard resolution scans are 1200x1800 pixels at 300 dpi for a high quality 4x6 print.

  • Typically ready in a week or less




Standard Resolution

Single Frame


Entire Roll (Uncut)


Additional Uncut Rolls


Entire Roll (Cut)


Additional Uncut Rolls




Medium Resolution (2400x3600, 8x12 print)

Single Frame


Entire Roll (Uncut)


Additional Uncut Rolls


Entire Roll (Cut)


Additional Uncut Rolls




High Resolution (3600x5400, 12x18 and larger)

Single Frame




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