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Photo Restoration Services.


PhotoGarden has been restoring photos since 1994. We can fix old photos that have tears and scratches, remove unwanted objects, add or subtract people and much more. If you need your photo digitally altered in any way let us help.







restore photos

We start with a high resolution scan from your original photo, negative or transparency. We then work from the digital file; we do not alter your original in any way. Once the restoration or alteration has been made, we write the file to a CD for you. We can then print the new image on photographic paper.



photograph restoration


Some of our customers like their renewed photo to look fresh and new, some like them to maintain their aged look. For color pictures, we ask you to guide us regarding how you may or may not want the new to match the original. For black and white images we offer custom tones ranging from black and white to sepia. Once you have the image on CD you can bring it back for more prints at any time.





Photo restoration color correction & repair



Prices determined at time of drop off are according to amount of work required and final print size.




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