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Photogarden can scan and digitize your photos and slides for you. Unlike some other companies who ship out their scanning jobs, all image scanning is done in our store. You can rest easy knowing your images are safe and secure.


Discounts are available for large quantity scanning (see below). Each scanned image is 300 dpi, which is satisfactory for archiving and same size print reproductions.


To qualify for bulk scanning rates, all photos and slides must be submitted at the same time.


Bulk Print Scanning

1 to 15 prints

$1.99 each

16 to 49 prints

$0.99 each

50 to 99 prints

$0.49 each

100 + prints

$0.39 each

Bulk Slide Scanning

1 to 10 slides

$1.99 each

11 to 49 slides

$1.39 each

50 to 299 slides

$0.99 each

300+ slides

$0.89 each


Please note: Prints are grouped by size and then scanned. If you need them to be in a certain order, it is easy to rename the digital files on your computer later (we can show you how).


Requirements for bulk photo scanning:


Prints must be loose (not in album pages or envelopes), with no sticky residue, tape, or staples stuck to them.* They should lay reasonably flat, and be sized somewhere between a wallet and 8x12. No mounted prints (they must be scanned separately).


*If they are sticky, damaged, fragile, etc, we can individually scan them at $1.99/each.


Requirements for bulk slide scanning:


Slides can be loose or in carousel trays (no plastic file pages). Plastic, cardboard, or glass mounts are ok. Damaged or bent cardboard mounts may require an extra charge. Ektachrome and Kodachrome slides should be separated.


Custom Print Scanning


If you have a print or artwork that is larger in size than 11x14, it will need to be custom scanned. Please contact us for more info.




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