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Do you have memories fading away in a box in the basement ?



Video tapes and movie film have a much shorter lifespan than digital media. Problems such as stretching, mold, and tape creases may prevent you from enjoying your movies in the years to come. Transferring your tapes and movies to DVD will allow you to preserve and share family memories for years to come.



Video Tape to DVD conversion

Basic DVD transfer one or two tapes up to 2 hours


Transferring from more than 2 video tapes to one 2 hour DVD

add $5 per tape

Compressed tapes longer than 2 hours

add $10

Additional DVD copies

$9.95 each


Audio Tape to CD conversion

1 Sided Tape


2 Sided Tape


Additional CD copies





Movie Film to DVD conversion

8mm, 16mm, Super 8 film

$34.95 + .18/ft


*$49.95 minimum charge on all 8,16 and Super 8 orders.*





*See a PhotoGarden Representative for complete details.*






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